Community Network for Empowerment

Community Network for Empowerment (CoNE) is a state level network of community-based organizations of PUD in Manipur. Registered on 11th January 2012 under the Society Registration Act, Government of Manipur, 515/M/SR/2012 is the official registration number of the network. All registered Community Based Organization (CBO) of PUD from across all the districts of Manipur can be members of CoNE. At present there are 12 members CBO, 91 individual general body members, democratically-elected 27 Executive Committee Members (ECM), and 5 governing council members.

An Advisory Committee comprising of lawyers, human rights activists, physicians, religious leaders, senior citizens, NGO representatives, academicians, and PUD provides advisory support to the leadership team of CoNE, while also bringing in external perspective and technical inputs on development of policy and practices. The organizational vision, mission, objectives and strategies evolved based on series of consultations conducted across the districts with the active participation of PUD and other key relevant stakeholders.

 We believe in bringing about positive changes in the lives of PUD by amplifying our voices, making effective and meaningful representation/participation as a state network of PUD in all important policy development and decision making processes across the state, national, regional and international level.

We also believe that PUD have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and be able to live their lives free from stigma, discrimination, harassment, human rights violations; and having access to evidence based quality drug treatment, harm reduction services, health care services (including HIV and HCV treatment), and livelihood options thereby improving the quality of life of all PUD and becoming a productive, responsible member of the society.


Empowered users’ community leading a healthy & dignified life.


“To promote a self-sustainable network owned by the users’ community working for reduction in stigma, harassment, and discrimination to improve the standard of living of its members ”


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Guiding Principle

  1. Inclusion of organization of PUD who may wish to make relevant and positive contribution toward realizing the vision and objectives of the network. 
  2. Equity amongst all member organizations represented in CoNE. 
  3. Respect for the integrity and autonomy of all member organizations of CoNE. 
  4. Freedom to all member organizations to voice their views without fear, intimidation or retribution inside the organization. When the rights of others are clearly violated, member organizations should strive to arrive at decision through consensus. 
  5. Respect and unequivocally defend the decision of CoNE in public. 
  6. Openness and public accountability to the affiliates of CoNE 
  7. All decisions taken by CoNE are binding to all its affiliated organizations.


  1. To strengthen all the CBOs of the network through capacity building for improving effectiveness.
  1. To promote and protect the health and human rights of PUD in the state.
  1. To reduce harassment, stigma and discrimination of PUD.
  1. To advocate for and promote the provision of relevant and high quality services to PUD.
  1. To improve the participation and involvement of the people who use drugs in influencing the decision making at policy level.
  1. To facilitate promotion of multiple livelihood options for people who use drugs across the state.
  1. To promote socially acceptable behavior pattern among the PUD.
  1. To promote health seeking behavior among the PUD.
  1. To collect and build evidence for advocating policies that contributes to the well-being of PUD.
  1. To advocate formulation of community friendly drug policy for the state of Manipur.
  1. To advocate for providing a special emphasis to female who use drugs in tune with the above mentioned objectives with a view to practice gender equity & equality and also bridging the gaps in every aspect.
  1. To strengthen the network by building linkages and partnership with external agencies and like minded organizations.
  1. To mobilize resources for making the network self-sustainable, effective, efficient and well-funded organization and it is primarily accountable to its membership.